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EWS Essential Max Flow Water Filter

The ESSENTIAL Max Flow Water Filter

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The ESSENTIAL Max Flow can be used in-line for applications such as a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or wet bar. In only 3-5 minutes you will have delicious, better-than-bottled quality right at your sink.

The ESSENTIAL Max Flow offers full size (full bed depth) filtration and superior performance, making it better at removing contaminants, easier to use, and more convenient than other in-line filters, pitcher filters, or fridge filters.

  • Made in the USA
  • Advanced Filtration – Built for Removing Chloramine, Chlorine, Pesticides, Obesogens, Pharmaceutical Residues, and More.
  • No Drilling Holes – No extra or second faucets
  • Save $500+ annually in bottled water or low quality frequent filter replacements
  • No more buying, lugging, and storing bottled water
  • Enjoy delicious, odor-free water straight from your sink, anytime
  • Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and rental homes



  • Advanced Activated Carbon Filtration – Built for Removing Chloramine, Chlorine, Pesticides, Lead, Cysts, Obesogens, Pharmaceutical Residues, and More.
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and recyclable filter housings
  • Meets or Exceeds the Highest Standards and Compliances - NSF, ANSI, California State, and FDA.
  • Easy 5-10 Minute Install
  • Simply twist-and-click to replace your filter once per year
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