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Amerec AK Series Steam Generator 208 volt for use in 650-900 Cubic feet

Amerec AK Series Steam Generator 208 volt for use in 650-900 Cubic feet
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AK SERIES GENERATOR The soothing and purifying effects of steam bathing are a direct result of the bath's ability to minimize temperature variations and maintain an even flow of steam. Amerec AK generators were purpose-designed for home use, transforming your shower or bathing room into a daily invitation to comfort.

An AK generator uses full power to quickly heat up the steam room to its preset temperature, then cuts power by 1/3 or 2/3 of its heating elements. The result is a more consistent flow of soft steam and more stable temperature

- the perfect conditions for relaxing and recharging whenever the mood strikes you.
- Sequential Temperature Control delivers a more consistent flow of Soft Steam and a more stable, comfortable steam bath experience.
- AK generators can be connected together to heat steam baths larger than 550 cubic feet.
- 208 volt models can be wired in the field for 1 or 3 phase power.
- Stainless steel tank and water level probes provide years of trouble-free operation.
- Removable heating elements provide easy and economical service.

For 200 - 400 cubic Feet

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