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Testimonials about  The Steam and Sauna Connection:

Often imitated, but never duplicated, this is not a sideline for us.  We are the true professionals in the Steam Bath industry with over 25 REAL  years of experience in Mr. Steam Baths alone and hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-stock inventory and a REAL 10,000 square foot warehouse!   Also, check out some of the places where we have sold to or we have had a part in installation, around our area.

 Here are what some of our customers have to say about us:


I completed the sauna a couple weeks ago and it is really, really awesome. The tinted door is great, the control is outstanding, the heater is clearly top quality, and the wood and benches are spectacular. Other than my snafu on the ordering, a fabulous experience that I would highly recommend!!

David M.


No problem.  I'm glad I could offer some feedback for you, and I also thank you for asking.  Most of my vendors don't seem to care how it gets here as long as it does and then if it is a shambles it is a nightmare to get replaced.

Not with your company.  I actually had one situation about 2 weeks ago, (the only problem I have ever had )  Were I had a fan grille & bulbs I needed replaced. I called and within days I had the replacement products no questions asked. ( the outside fan box was fine and showed no damaged as well as the inside box the grille is encased in, however for some reason it was cracked and the bulbs were broken.) who knows?  The problem was fixed right away and I feel your company is top notch. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Anything else I can help you out with just let me know.
Have a great rest of the day

Karen D


Thank you for having such a great site--you offer so much information and have done a great job making all of your customers happy.

Thank you
Julie C (Ebay User)


You are very efficient. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to see the Mr. Steam system arrive so quickly.

Thank you

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your terrific service! Thank you!

Alison S.

I ordered your Mr. Steam unit and just got it running yesterday!....
It's wonderful!

We had an issue when we first installed it. The main valve had broken, possibly during transit... I noticed a small hole down at the bottom side of the box. The yellow handle release valve had penetrated to the outside and the blue plastic valve inside the unit had received a jar from this (I'm guessing?). Anyway, your service group professionally backed up the unit and sent out a new valve in two days that completed the system and it ran as advertised... Thank you again for great service and a great product.

I am enclosing two photos to show my professional looking Mr. Steam/ Shower. I designed an acrylic top to sit on top of my shower unit which allowed the flexible shower head to pass through the Plexiglas with minimal leakage from exiting steam. I had my contractor support
the Lucite with a wrap around shower metal edge. The weight of the 3/8" thick Lucite (which can be seen at the top of the doors) holds it in place without sealer and because it was removable I am thinking about having another one made in translucent blue Lucite!

The unit itself was installed to CO code. We had a small issue with the autoflush. Due to location of the shower we would have had to drill down through the floors and along the garage out to the outside with a copper drain pipe. I was concerned about sub zero weather and freezing so we opted to raise the whole unit up on a pedestal and drain automatically into a bucket that is just disposed of in the bathroom sink.. It saved a lot of work and grief.

Side notes:
I found a very nice inexpensive ($50) teak seat at Bed Bath& Beyond. Brand is Pollenex and the unit is height adjustable.

Anyway thank you again for allowing me to have a Steam/Shower that is both functional, elegant and simple at the same time.

Bill C

1/3/07 - Dear Jeff,  I received my replacement yesterday. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Denice S.

12/19/06 - Jeff, thanks for responding. I guess I'll test temps at different locations to find a hot spot, and relocate my sensor to get the same effect. Should work. In any case, you sell a great product and are responsive to your customers. I do appreciate it.

-- Jack

12/4/06 - Thanks Mel, the Panasonic ventilator fans arrived today. Your customer service is excellent and this is a great product.

Thanks again./Lou K

I was very reluctant to order from a company I had not done business with before. I'm so happy that I did. I ordered your Panasonic vent light and fan for my shower on Friday and the electrician had it installed by 1:00 pm the Following Monday. I couldn't believe the fast delivery and great service. I will certainly let others know about you. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
Joe E.

A Word of Appreciation!

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery and great service!  It was a pleasure doing business with your company.


Steam & Sauna Connection in Pompano Beach, FL helped me with this order. They were a pleasure to work with.

Thanks for following up!
Ingrid B.

In early November, I ordered a Panasonic Fan/Light unit from SteamSaun through the website.  As a result of some mis-steps at UPS, the arrival of the unit got wound up in the UPS system, but finally resolved itself this week.

With this being a web order from a company that I have not done business with before and being on the opposite side of the country, I was worried that I may have a difficult time getting support from the company for resolution. I would like to you know that my worries were never realized.  I worked with Melissa Portela throughout the ordeal and she did a fabulous job of keeping me informed of the status of the situation and the next step(s) she was taking to resolve the issue.  We traded a fair number of emails during November! With Melissa providing near-immediate responses to my emails, my mind was kept at ease that
the package would eventually arrive.

Just wanted to make sure that you're aware of Melissa's excellent performance.  I would purchase from Steamsaun again if the need arises and I would recommend Steamsaun to friends too.

Thank you!
Tom T.

Great prices, excellent web site, very easy to work with.  I had some questions, and Melissa and Jeff were both very helpful, answered questions promptly, and helped to get the order out quickly.

Steve M.
Saratoga, CA

I received all my Panasonic exhaust fans and I am very pleased. I can't believe they are so quite. 

Dr. J. I. N
Winston-Salem, NC

My order arrived today. Thank you very much for such prompt service and delivery. I will definitely be buying from you in the future.

Happy Holidays,
Rich W
Atlanta, GA

I received my spa (Gemini 2 Person) last Friday in perfect condition, set it up immediately and OH MY what a primo piece of engineering. Thanks so much.  It’s is positively marvelous. 


Mr. Jay:

Like I said by phone, I am very happy with your sauna.

Eduardo R.

Click Picture to see larger picture

I recently ordered and received a Panasonic Fan from you and just want to let you know how please I am with the service.  I was out of town and my contractor wanted to know when it was coming so I called you toll free # and was shocked when an actual person answered the phone and was able to tell me what I wanted to know.  That sure doesn't happen very often anymore so it was a real pleasure doing business with you. 

Thanks again, 
Judy E

Hello Jay:

Received my Panasonic Fan/Heater, FV 11VH1, yesterday as you promised.

The on-line purchase was smooth and seamless only surpassed by the price. I had already placed a deposit for the same unit at a large local plumbing supply house and was prepared to pay list ($342 + 8.75% tax) until I just casually decided to see if I could do better on-line. Needless to say, I did much better.


Dear steamsaun,

Hi! Just a short note to let you know that the Mr. Steam arrived today. Thanks for such fast shipping and a great price!! We will definitely enjoy it!! I have completed your feedback and I do ask that you post one for me, too. Thanks again, 

Thank you very much. I received the fan today before noon. You have provided wonderful service.

I could not be happier with my experience with your company. I had a
difficult installation that required a lot of product knowledge and ultimately necessitated the return of a couple of items. Your staff was uniformly helpful in all aspects of my transaction. I would definitely order another system from you and have recommended your company to several of my friends already.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Dan W.

Thank you!   

Wish all the suppliers I have to deal with were as good!  
Have a great day.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for willing to give me the special offer. I learned so much for this product from you in the last couple weeks. During my product selection process, you have provided the best helps. I have a confidence that your company will provide the good service in the future. I will put the check in the mail today.

Besides, have a happy Valentine's day 2004!

My order arrived today. Thank you very much for such prompt service and delivery. I will definitely be buying from you in the future.

Happy Holidays,

Rich W - Atlanta, GA

  I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your customer service and price for my Amerec Steamshower I ordered.  I got exactly what I needed at the best price.  I received the item in about two days.  I had to order in Florida to get the best pricing for a product just made down the road from me in Washington state!  I will highly recommend you to all.    

Best Regards,
Jennifer C

Just wanted to let you know, my Panasonic exhaust fan arrived.  I really appreciate your help and the incredible price I was able to buy it at.  I would recommend you guys to anyone.  I hope to build a steam room in my house in the future, when I do, I will be sure and buy the stuff from your company.

Best Regards,   John S

This is my first purchase with you and so far I am impressed. This
communication to notify me the purchase made will be shipped today and to notify me a follow up message will be received with a tracking number is

Thank You

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know our bathroom remodel is finished. The Warmatowel and the Mr.. Steam unit is a real plus for our master bath. The install went without any problems and the finished project is the envy of all our neighbors. A very experience for us. Both units are exactly as you described to me on the phone and of the highest quality. I will let everyone I know of your products, price and excellent service.


Jerry A
Gunnison, Colorado

I just want to THANK YOU for being so helpfullllll. As I mentioned on the
phone I have been shopping around for this unit & it has been a mission
trying to fit into my budget. I am so excited I was able to find your company.

Your prices are incredible and customer relations outstanding!!!!!!!!! I am a
firefighter in New Jersey and I work with alot of plumbers that can not
even come close to your prices. 
Thanks again!

Hi Jay---I wanted you to know that the 3 boxes arrived safe and sound –that the assembly has gone well---and that I had my first sauna last evening and it was a great experience and met or exceeded my expectations---so thanks very much—it is a great product with excellent customer service and support and I hope you and the company continue to prosper.

Brent W

Hi Jay!

We DID get the steam unit and parts--AWESOME service--thank you!! We got it in two days--and our plumber is very impressed with the price--he said he hasn't been able to get one for under $2,000. That sure made this owner/builder couple look good!! Also, my electrician couldn't believe the price on the light and said he gets it for the same price as I did--usually he gets a better deal. So we are definitely pleased, and are passing on your name. 

Thanks again--I'll be calling to order the filter, also.
Rosie T


Just had to say thanks for the fast service on my recent order...I will be back because of it.

Thanks again !


Dear Jay & Jeff,   Just wanted to let you know I received the AromaSpa this afternoon. I still can't figure out how it arrived so incredible fast but I was more than happy to get it. I had it assembled and I tested it within an hour after it had arrived and must say I love it.   My husband is going to get me a shower mat for the floor because I wear an artificial leg which cannot be used while in the sauna. So the floor is a bit slippery when getting in and out with only one leg. I guess my point about that is, that this is something that even handicapped people could use especially when it is in the privacy of your own home.   Thanks again,   Joanie B (alias - SkippyHoppy)  

Dear Jay,

The bathroom fan came yesterday and I quickly went home excited to install it.  WOW, this fan is the quietest bathroom fan I have ever heard,
needless to say I absolutely love it!  Our old, actually brand new, Nutone is gone now, and I can finally watch TV while my wife is in the bathroom and not think I'm at the airport!

Thanks for the fast shipping and wonderful product.
Dr. Ross M

Jeff / Jay:

Thank you for the fast action, it looks like I will be ordering more Panasonic fans......great prices and service that can't be beat!

Ken P
The Haunted Studios(tm)

To Whom It may concern:    

I recently ordered a ms 150 from your company and had it installed by a professional Electrician on 4/11/03. After many hours of work we were not able to get the system to function. I called your company at 6:10 p.m. West Coast time and was pleasantly surprised to have a human answered the phone. The response was totally positive and helpful and the problem was solved (i.e. wires crossed on assembly of Smart One control).  In a world of poor service and customer support that you can never get a helpful person to answer it is truly a pleasure to do business with your company. Thank you and I will refer your company highly .

Mike O.

  Sacramento, Ca

Broke the milk colored plastic light cover on a FV-11VQL2 while unpacking the order placed with you guys.  The replacement was be greatly appreciated, especially at no cost.

You guys are great!!!!!
Robert B.


The Panasonic fan is fantastic! I can hear the shower instead of the fan. It took me a while to get used to it. I kept checking to see if it was really running.

There is some motor noise, but not like it was. I'm still amazed each time I use it.
I'm looking forward to many years of service from this unit.

Thanks again.


I have just received the unit.. Thank you for the open communication and the quick reply to my concerns.  

Be well,
Hans H

I ordered a vent fan on 1-28.  It arrived this afternoon (1-30)!!  Thanks for the outstanding service!  You people exemplify "what it's all about!".  Thanks for what you're doing!  
Bill M.
Ormond Beach, FL

This is the second steam unit I have purchased from you.  The first one was over 10 years ago!  Glad to see you are still in business and still servicing your customers.  But I am not surprised however, with great service, great information and a great product I'll see you in 10 more years!

Thanks for all your help!
Rick C.
Huntington Beach, CA 

More on the way....