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Steam and Sauna

Steam Bath Benefits

As soon as you step inside a steam bath, relaxation becomes the theme.

Steam Bath BenefitsWithin moments, the warmth penetrates your body from head to toe, easing tired muscles, and helping the cares and worries of the day drift away. Just as importantly, the warmth opens the pores of your skin, creating a flow of perspiration which lifts out the impurities of everyday living. Your skin will be deep cleansed like never before, leaving it soft, supple, and healthy.

Studies demonstrate the benefits of steam bathing, which is extended and controlled exposure to warm, moist air. Such benefits include tension relief through muscle relaxation, restoration of well-being, and the elimination of impurities through opened pores.

Add a drop or two of AromaSteam™ essence (such as eucalyptus or evergreen) to the special reservoir in the steam head, to enjoy the luxury of aromatherapy while steam bathing.

For starting the day, follow the steam bath by a cool bath or shower, and then a quick rubdown with a towel. It will make you feel like new. At day's end, a hot shower after steam bathing will encourage a good night's sleep. You'll feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to get more out of life.

Use your steam bath daily for that get up and go -- and your sauna on weekends to wind down after a busy week.