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Steam Bath

Steam Bath or Sauna? A steam bath uses a lower temperature around 40 to 45 degrees Celsius combined with high humidity were as a sauna uses a high temperature 80 C with low humidity. A steam bath utilizes a steam generator to heat the steam which in turns heats the room. A sauna uses heated rocks to heat the room.

Steam Bath Health Benefits

The health benefits of steam baths have been exaggerated over the years, a study conducted by the University of Munich suggested that benefits of a steam bath include helping with bronchitis, asthma, hoarseness. Other benefits of a steam bath are help with chapped skin, tension, the best benefit of a steam bath could be cleaning of the skin a steam bath increases the blood flow to the skin and removes dead skin and leaves your skin smooth, clean and soft.

Home Steam Bath

A home steam bath can be incorporated into new construction or in an existing room. Today many pre-fab type self contained steam baths can be purchased, keep in mind that a steam bath enclosure will need a power supply and a water supply for the steam generator. If you wish to construct a steam bath the room needs to be sealed expect for a small area generally under the door to allow fresh air. The materials used to construct a home steam bath are critical as they will be exposed to very high humidity.

Types of steam Baths

Home Steam Bath

home steam bath

Steam Bath Unit

steam bath unit

Steam Generator

Steam generator

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