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Steam and Sauna

Save $$; - CALL for the best pricing

 Portable Saunas and Sauna Packages: - FREE SHIPPING ! *

Precut | Prebuilt | Infrared | Portable

Portable saunas are practical and just as functional as any stationary indoor or outdoor sauna. Although they are smaller (usually enough to fit two people), the portable sauna is easy to assemble and can be put virtually anywhere you like: in the fitness room, the basement, the corner of a larger washroom, wherever you please. We even offer a portable unit that can be taken with you on the road. One of the best aspects of our portable units is that If you decide to move, you can keep your portable sauna and simply reassemble it in your new home. 

Economy Good  

Portable Sauna

The FIR Portable Sauna $ 895 + $0 Shipping

More Information in PDF format:  Page1  Page2 

Open, the size is 95cm*95cm*150cm

Carton Size: 63cm*33cm*31cm Weight: 15.4 lbs

Amerec Personal Sauna Room
"Personal" Sauna Model
45" x 45" x 77" 
includes Slimline 1.7 heater 

$ 5423* Free shipping

45" x 45" x 77" 
includes Slimline 2.1 heater 

$ 5649* Free shipping

Amerec Portable Sauna Room
Amerec Portable Sauna Room sizes
Rainier Portable
4 x 5 w/4.5KW Designer B heater 

$ 6375* Free shipping

4 x 6 w/4.5KW Designer B heater 

$ 6924* Free shipping

5 x 6 w/6.0KW Designer B heater 

$ 7614* Free shipping

5 x 7 w/6.0KW Designer B heater 

$ 7854* Free shipping

Unshingled Roof Package
$ 850.00
Preshingled Roof Package
$ 1452 Cedar Only

* Shipping and handling charges are free to the continental US Only.  Hawaii, Alaska and International Shipping is available, call 877-728-6280 for details.