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Sauna Shower

Experience the indulgent warmth of steam and let your body relax and purify itself in the rich moisture. Reduce stress and cleanse skin impurities. The safe, soothing comfort of a warm moist sauna shower makes the rest of the world and its stresses just fade away.  Nothing brings luxury and relaxation into your home like a sauna shower.

A sauna shower will bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom and will add value to any home. They have been shown to reduce stress, eliminate bodily toxins, boost your immune system, aid in weight loss, fight cellulite and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can also combine the benefits of a sauna shower with a whirlpool hot tub. A sauna shower can be installed wherever you want it.

It provides a much more versatile option than many conventional showers.  In a compact unit, the size of a typical shower, you can take a luxurious steam or whirlpool bath, enjoy a multi-head shower, and get a full-dimensional back massage in one. Sauna shower units have a contemporary and elegant look, and come equipped with a radio and telephone, a remote control, and connections for your CD player so you can listen to your favourite music from any external device. You can even connect your phone to it so you won’t have to worry about missing a single call.

Sauna showers are built to be stylish, reliable, and functional. They are made using state of the art technology and the highest quality materials. Its features include steam, up to 30 shower jets, ceiling rain, whirlpool bathtub combinations, air jets, massage jets, foot massagers, durable foam padded seats to add extra comfort to an already luxurious setting. An e legant slimline light fits perfectly in the roof of the saunashower, enhancing and complimenting the luxury features of this unit.

Control your personal experience by the easily adjustable control panel which offers temperature selection (90 to 125 degrees) and sets the steam session duration. The control panel in the sauna shower provides you with quick access to all the features available with the press of a button. The remote control gives access to certain features from outside the shower so you can warm it up and have it ready for you to step inside. One handy benefit for many is that it contains the option to set a time limit or temperature limit for automatic shut off of the steam generator.

Sequential hydro massage jets with adjustable pressure bring just the right touch to relieve aches and pains. Also known as a rain forest shower, the shower head measures 6 inches in diameter and provides an invigorating sauna shower experience that could be likened to standing out in a fresh mountain rain. Simply add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to merge the benefits of aromatherapy to those of your sauna shower. Then just relax and enjoy the indulgent warmth of scented fragranced steam.