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Sauna Kit

You’ve decided to install a sauna in your home, but are a little daunted by the prospect. Many folks may not have the finances to make use of a sauna company to do the installation or the confidence and tools to build one on their own. Sauna kits are available in different models, sizes and shapes and are a good way to build the type of sauna you want. By building your own sauna, you will save money and can customize it to your own tastes.

Sauna kits have been designed to be easily assembled on-site for those who want to put a kit together with a minimum of know-how, minimal carpentry skills and in just a few hours, which is why There is a wide variety of choices in designs, locations, materials and heat sources make the planning fun, yet essential, to the overall success of the project. The nearly limitless options available in saunas make it easy to find a sauna to fit any budget, location, and lifestyle. The major components of a standard sauna kit include vapor barrier, benches, doors, flooring, frames, heater guard, tongue and groove cedar, as well as walls and screws. A careful reading of the manual and familiarization of the kit before starting assembly makes your sauna construction much quicker and more efficient.

When building your sauna from your sauna kit, it is critical to ensure that circuits are of the correct size and all wiring is completed by a qualified electrician. Be sure to follow the safety information so that you can enjoy your sauna without risk. The door to your sauna should always open out, it should also have a wooden handle and should not have any kind of lock. Finally, make sure not to treat the interior surfaces in any way as high heat levels could cause paints and other coatings to emit toxic fumes.

Y ou might want to consider a pre-cut sauna kit which is intended for use with an existing room that is already framed and dry walled, but a waterproof floor is required. The sauna can be installed to suit particular settings, for example, the exterior can be dry walled and painted to match the outside decor of a bathroom. These sauna kits have the wood, heaters, rocks, or other materials all included and can often be assembled in just a few hours. Most companies can pre-cut the kit exactly to what is required, so when looking for a sauna that seats 12 people or one that is made of custom wood, a sauna dealer can help you with such requests. 

In reality, your choices in a location for building your sauna kit are limited only by your imagination. Some people have come up with some very creative sauna locations and designs. Consider placing one outside beside your pool, in a shed or in your master bathroom. The freedom to experience the calming, relaxing, revitalising sauna experience is yours.