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Steam and Sauna

Sauna Equipment

A sauna creates an amazing sense of well being and relaxation. The body and mind are freed of workday troubles, as aches and fatigue disappear in the warm, soft embrace of the steam vapours. There are a variety of sauna kits to choose from, especially for the do-it-yourself uilders, which are relatively easy to assemble. But when seeking to purchase a sauna, there are many other aspects to consider such as sauna equipment .

The vital part of sauna equipment is the sauna heater which has 2 basic functions: to create heat and to create steam. There are three main types, namely electric, gas and wood burning heaters. These heaters are specially designed to maintain a consistent high temperature. Wood burning heaters take longer to heat up, and gas heaters can often be expensive due to increasing energy costs, therefore electric heaters are the most common. It takes an electric heater about 30 minutes to bring the sauna to the desired temperature. They are controlled with a thermostat which is mounted outside the sauna. The desired temperature is set and the heater stays on while the sauna is in use.

The heater, as well as the stones which retain the heat, are said to be the most important aspects of your sauna equipment .Being a vital component of your sauna equipment, stones retain heat produced from the heater and produce steam when water is poured upon them. Sauna stones should not give off an odour when heated and should be able to withstand high temperatures without cracking. As these stones are subjected to constant heating and cooling, they need to have special qualities to withstand the severe temperature changes. They should have a rough surface and are available in sauna supply stores.

Thermometers and timers are particularly useful items of sauna equipment , especially for those who are new to the sauna experience. They are available in either metal or wood casings and attach to the saunas wall to allow the user to monitor the temperature. Hygrometers are also available to measure the moisture in the sauna. Timers are a good idea if you are concerned about keeping track of the amount of time you are in the sauna. Light is also a necessary part of your sauna equipment . Unless your sauna has windows and is built outside, you are going to need at least one electric light. Sauna lamps should be manufactured to provide a vapour barrier between the housing and the casing.

They can be installed on the walls and with the use of a lampshade, provide a soft, diffused light. A handy accessory to have is a towel rack to provide a convenient place for hanging bathrobes and towels. Other accessories to your sauna equipment also include a pail and ladle for pouring water on the rocks, body brush sets for improving circulation, as well as different fragrances such as eucalyptus, pine and birch, which when added to the steam water, create a unique sauna experience.