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Steam and Sauna


 Polar Portable Saunas and Sauna Packages:

Polar Precut Saunas | Polar Prebuilt Saunas | Infrared Saunas | Outdoor Saunas | Polar Portable

Polar Portable Saunas come in two types:  Two Piece and Single Knockdown Piece

Polar Two Piece Portable Sauna

  • Polar Portable - A true sauna with plug in portability
  • A genuine sauna heater with heated rocks sending soothing, comforting steam into a richly wooded sauna enclosure.
  • Truly portable Yes. It comes in two pieces and can be assembled in minutes. It seats two in great comfort and features the finest craftsmanship and materials including the extensive use of Western Red Cedar!
  • The Portable Sauna comes complete and in just two pieces that fit through any standard doorway. In a couple of minutes they are locked together using our cam lock system, manufactured from heavy gauge steel for great strength and reliable lockup. Then you merely plug it in to any standard 15 amp wall outlet and enjoy!
  • There is no plumbing or finishing work required.
  • No electricians, no hassles, no mess.
  • The Portable Sauna door has a 12" x 60" insulated, tempered glass window. The sauna heater can be used wet or dry and delivers temperatures up to 160 degrees or more, and a sprinkle of water on the rocks delivers plenty of soothing steam.

The finest saunas in the world are Polar's, so it may not come as a surprise that, though completely portable your sauna includes.

  • Clear Western Red Cedar benches, backrests, heater guard and floor boards
  • Prebuilt, prefitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed and assembled
  • Prewired and includes cord
  • Built in floor with attractive water proof vinyl flooring
  • Heater and Rocks, 1.7kW for 15 amp outlets or 2.1 kW for 20 amp outlets
  • Bucket, Ladle, Light and Thermometer
  • Allen wrench for tightening Cam Lock System
  • With our without casters
  • O.D. of sauna 45"w x 45"d x 77" h
  • Manufactured in the USA by Polar
Ideal for converting a spare room into an in home fitness center.
Perfect for apartments, condos, townhouses and cabins. Anywhere space is restricted and portability is important.

Polar One Piece Knockdown Portable

Polar sauna heaters


  • 17”h x 15”w x 7”d
  • Built in Controls Mounted on Heater
  • Stainless Steel Interior &Top
  • Wall Mounted with a Maximum Temperature of Approximately 160°
  • Baked Enamel Exterior
  • Single Phase
  • Approximately 25 lbs. of Finnish Stones Included with Each Heater

Polar Portable Sauna comes with heater pre-wired.  Specify 2.1 kW heater with plug-in for 20 amp. outlet, 1.7 kW heater with plug-in for 15 amp. outlet.  Includes Pre-built sauna, pre-wired heater with plug, bucket ladle, light and thermometer.

Model Dimensions Heater Size People Retail Price Our Price
N4890 45" x 45" x 79" 1.7 Kw or 2.1 Kw 2 $4914 $ 3,439.00
Knockdown Same as above w/Cedar 1.7 Kw or 2.1 Kw 2 $4690 $ 3,283.00