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Steam and Sauna

Northern Lights Sauna Specifications
Quality Saunas, affordable prices !

Northern Lights Sauna Specifications

Sauna Specifications         Heater Specifications


Base Rail:  Heat treated spruce lumber

Shell Material:  Interior, exterior and ceiling of Nordic Pine 2/3" (16mm) thick tongue-and-groove STP paneling. Interior and front exterior walls always from the best hand selected knotless pine.

Insulation:  Fire retardant natural wood fiber insulation or mineral wool insulation R11+

Vapor Lock:  Aluminum foil backed vapor barrier

Wall Assembly:  Hidden nails on the interior side, glue reinforced, stapled foil vapor barrier, sturdy spruce frame, finishing nails on the exterior.

Seating Material:  All visible parts of knotless White Aspen 1 1/10" (28mm) thick planed boards with rounded edges.

Bench Construction:  Spruce frame, Aspen front edges and bench tops. Benches are pre-assembled with hidden stainless steel fasteners. Supported with separate bench supports.

Bench add-ons:  Horizontally mounted matching Aspen bench skirts and beck rests

Door Choices: Aurora - all-glass door, 1/3" (8 mm) thick tempered safety glass Nature - full window with pine rails, insulated and tempered window Forest - large window and pine paneling, insulated and tempered window

Electrical:  Built-in electrical plumbing for the heater and the light switch, please consult a certified electrician for the right wiring and hook up.

Heater:  Stainless steel Northern Lights Sauna heater, 240V, UL and CE approved, limited warranty, Made in Finland.

Ventilation:  Intake air through gap under the sauna, Exhaust air through an adjustable valve in the ceiling or below the upper bench.

Floor:  The sauna can be assembled on tile or vinyl flooring, as long as it is water tight. A floor drain is recommended. The sauna stands off the floor with adjustable mounts. We provide wooden duckboard floor grating for the walking area.

Accessories:  1 gal. wooden water pail, wooden ladle, hygrometer, thermometer, heater stones, heater guardrail, clothes hook for towels.

Assembly:  Assembly requires a minimum of two people. The sauna can be assembled from the inside. You will need a power screw driver with a pozidrive 2 head. All necessary hardware is included with your sauna.

Packaging:  The wall elements are packaged in cardboard with two elements per box. Each element is individually marked, and each package label reveals which elements are inside. The door is in its own box, as are the heater and the benches. All parts are stacked on a pallet that can be moved with a pallet jack or a fork lift. The whole shipment can be unloaded with the pallet or box by box depending on the equipment at hand.

Delivery:  Your sauna will be delivered by a commercial carrier. Your delivery address must be accessible by truck. You will need to be present to inspect the condition of the goods. If there is any shipping damage, please ask the driver for written proof. Not all delivery trucks have lift gate equipment, so you may be asked to help the driver in the off-loading process. Please ask a friend to accompany you when moving the packages. If you live in a city apartment, please let your dealer know this, so that suitable off-loading service can be arranged.