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Steam and Sauna

Northern Lights Sauna Layouts
Quality Saunas, affordable prices !
NL0812VH - Floor Plan
Exterior view

Our design team created this sauna for personal sauna enjoyment. When you do not have space for a large sauna, or you want to enjoy the sauna by yourself then this is the right sauna for you. This sauna has ample space for one bather. Seating space is maximized due to the ultra compact heater. The angled doorway requires very little outside opening space and provides easy accessibility to the benches. The chamfered high bench saves footspace and provides a natural seating position. Mirror image NL0812BVH.

NL1010V - Floor Plan

One person sauna with added space. The sauna structure is symmetrical, so the sauna can be placed in any corner of the room. Assembly of this sauna is really quick. The whole unit is up and ready in a matter of hours. The sauna features vertical paneling and 1/2" thicker walls than horizontally paneled saunas. Expect the same fine quality and detailing as in the larger Northern Lights Saunas.

NL1111VH - Floor Plan
Exterior view

This sauna is 4" (100mm) larger per side in the interior compared to the NL1010V. The extra inches make quite a difference. You can immediately notice the longer benches. The seating configuration is the same with the bather facing the heater. This sauna seats two small adults side by side.

NL1111V2H - Floor Plan
Exterior view

Introducing the most compact sauna with individual seating for two persons. We have put an extra effort into the design of the interior space. Everything two people need to bathe comfortably is included. The heater is tucked away in the rear corner, further protected by the handrest and the benchskirts. The wall light has been moved under the bench to give maximum head room to both bathers. The seating position is very social with plenty of room for a relaxing sauna.

NL1212VH - Floor Plan
Exterior view

Traditional style two person sauna optimized for personal sauna bathing. Sauna features horizontal paneling and wall to wall benches.

NL1212V2H - Floor Plan
Exterior view

This popular two person sauna is two inches larger than the NL1111V2H. The difference is noticable in the larger lower bench and the wider higher benches. Relaxing to the steam is really a pleasure in this two person sauna. The thermometer can be placed over the door frame for accurate temperature reading.

NL1313VH - Floor Plan
Exterior view

Traditional style seating layout for two people. This layout creates a sauna that is quick to heat up, yet gives you the kind of bathing experience you may be used to in larger saunas. The lower bench has added foot space, and the top bench provides room for two normal size adults to sit side by side. The heater guard rail protects the bathers and can be used as a footrest as well. The front wall is wide enough to fit the heater, the thermometer and hygrometer, all on the same wall.

NL1313V2H - Floor Plan
Exterior view

The high benches are made deeper to allow more comfortable seating. Backrests are standard features. Heating is economical with the 3kW heater. On the outside, the paneling on the front walls is horizontal as in the NL1212V2H; but on the inside it is vertical as in the larger saunas. Once you have tried this sauna, you will appreciate it's features.

NL1515V - Floor Plan
Exterior view

With this sauna you get the full size seating. Both benches are deep enough to accommodate even the most demanding. There is no chance for anyone to feel cramped in this sauna. The wide upper bench enables you to lie down and lift your feet against the side wall for total relaxation. The doorway is wider than in the smaller saunas, and can therefore accommodate several door choices. Also standard is the powerful 4.5 kW sauna heater. The larger heater also has added rock capacity and softer steam.

NL1515V2 - Floor Plan
Exterior view

This is the right size of sauna for two large adults. Full size seating with a sturdy structure to support the extra weight. The lower bench can be of one large delta shape or two separate pieces. Most details and options are the same as in NL1515V.

NL1717V - Floor Plan
Exterior view

One of our most popular models. This sauna fits the needs of most users. With its full length upper bench that allows an average size person to lie down completely. This sauna has proven to be quite multifunctional. The benches are deeper than in the small saunas. There is comfortable seating space for three. We have allowed plenty of space between the lower bench and the heater, so the steam travels over a longer distance to reach the upper bench. The steam is distributed more evenly, and the increased interior space requires less air circulation for comfortable breathing. Comfortable temperature is guaranteed with a 6kW sauna heater.

NL1717V2 - Floor Plan
Exterior view

A great family sauna that seats four. This sauna is overall one of our best values. It includes everything that you would want in a sauna. It occupies very little floor space, provides room for the whole family, and looks great in your home. The powerful 6kW heater warms the sauna quickly and efficiently. Finally something for the whole family to enjoy.

NL1915V - Floor Plan
Exterior view

This sauna is a combination of two popular saunas. The result is the best of both. Extra long benches to hold four people while the sauna fits in a narrow space. The 6kW sauna heater takes care of heating. The heater is positioned in the traditional way on the front wall. It is easy for any of the bathers to throw water on the heater for steam. The second higher bench allows one to lie down completely.

NL1915BV - Floor Plan
Exterior view

This sauna is the mirror image of the NL1915V. You may also select the opening direction of the door. Shown here with standard right side hinges.

NL1919V - Floor Plan
Exterior view

We have equipped this model with the powerful 6kW sauna heater. While a larger heater can be used, this heater provides a more even continuous heating, without the rapid cutout effect of an oversized heater. Long white aspen benches create a beautiful contrast to the yellow pine paneling. Benchskirts and matching backrests are standard of course. This sauna is perfect for new constructions or existing basements, as it is appealing in appearance and large enough to call it a full size sauna. To really bring it's beauty to light, we have included two wall lights with attractive wooden shades.

NL1919V2 - Floor Plan
Exterior view

This sauna layout speaks for itself. Once you have tried this sauna you won't settle for anything less. Put the headrest against the side wall, throw a little water on the hot rocks and lean back with your feet along the top bench. The feeling is like no other. The sauna comes with two head rests, two wall lights, and all the accessories.

NL2222K2 - Floor Plan
Exterior view
Too good to be true. The craftsmanship of master carpenters really shines through. The sauna includes an upgraded door and triangle windows. The real specialty is the large lower platform. This sauna is a perfect addition to your recreation center or by the indoor pool. There is seating for four. Steam is provided by the 8kW sauna heater.

NL2222K1 - Floor Plan

Exterior view

NL2619E - Floor Plan
Exterior view

Enough room for you? With over 100 inches wide, the roomiest of the Northern Lights Sauna's is sure to give room to stretch out. You may also suggest an alternative seating configuration. We feel that this sauna is best experienced with the largest of our heaters, the Symphony AV6 . The heater truly fills this sauna with steam in just minutes. Long aspen benches are supported with sturdy framing. The beauty of natural wood really comes alive with the repeating pattern of the paneling and bench tops. Three people can lay down on the upper benches, and when seated, this sauna fits eight or more. The window bay doorway holds two full size windows and a matching door. The exterior appearance is warm and welcoming.