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Steam and Sauna

Northern Lights Sauna Heaters
Quality Saunas, affordable prices !

Northern Lights Sauna Heaters
30 sauna heater  
MSRP: $495 - Discontinued

Introducing the JM sauna heater. Designed to blend into the natural beauty of the Northern Lights Sauna, this unique heater integrates a built-in wooden front guard and ergonomically positioned illuminated controls. The design lowers the surface temperature of the front and sides, allowing smaller safety distances around the heater. The compact size allows more seating space in a small sauna. The JM heater is set to deliver softer heat in the temperature range of 160-170°F (70-80°C). The illuminated controls give full control of the temperature of the sauna. Thermostat setting allows adjusting the sauna temperature even during your sauna stay. Like the KV, this heater is wall mounted. Mounting rack, hardware, and installation instructions are included. Also included are the peridotite heater rocks. Our heaters are stainless steel inside out and they come with a manufacturer's limited warranty. Expect nothing but the best from Northern Lights Sauna and Steam and Sauna Connection.

Northern Lights Sauna HeatersKV 45 sauna heater  MSRP: $545
KV 60 sauna heater  MSRP: $595
KV 80 sauna heater  MSRP: $845

The heart of the sauna. Perhaps the most important single component of a good sauna is it's heater. After all, it determines how soft the steam is, how long it takes to heat the sauna, and how safe you should feel when the sauna is left alone to heat up. Sauna heaters are not all the same.

The KV heater has evolved from a long line of sauna heaters. Innovation and experience have led us to focus on using only the best most reliable materials and components. Stainless steel is more expensive, but its superior durability offsets the cost. The silvery surface hides a triple layer construction that maintains the outer surface cool enough to touch. The core consists of electrical resistors that run vertically to cover as much rock surface as possible. This allows even distribution of heat and ensures longer rock life.

The controls are separated from the heater core into a separate compartment at the side of the heater. The illuminated controls are mounted on the top of the control unit for greater accessibility even in a low lit sauna. The thermostat allows adjusting the sauna temperature during the sauna stay. The heater is set to bring the sauna to a comfortable 180°F (85°C) temperature, which can be adjusted with the thermostat. The timer switch allows delaying the heating for up to eight hours after setting. The controls can be easily moved from one side to the other, depending on your sauna layout. The KV is wall mountable for convenience. Heater rocks (50 lbs.), mounting hardware, mounting rack, and the installation manual are included.

Northern Lights Sauna Heaters
Symphony sauna heater  MSRP: $1990
We understand that you don't always have time to wait for the sauna to heat up. Now you don't have to! Introducing a groundbreaking concept in sauna heating, the Always-On sauna heater. Imagine walking into an unheated sauna, opening the heater cover and pouring water in the massive rock compartment, and Voila! You have steam. The Symphony heater will heat up a five person sauna in less than a minute. The secret lies in the massive rock core that retains heat through a thick layer of ceramic insulation. The core is constantly heated by a 250W heating element. That's the same amount of energy as used by four standard light bulbs! The outer surface of the heater stays cool to touch even during operation. When the cover is opened the stored energy enters your sauna. Steam is released the second you pour water into the heater. The symphony generates the most steam in the least amount of time of any heater in the market. The rock compartment holds a whopping 200 lbs. of sauna rocks. The king of sauna heaters has arrived!