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Steam and Sauna

Northern Lights Sauna Features
Quality Saunas, affordable prices !

IntegrityNorthern Lights Saunas

Northern Light Sauna's commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and integrity is unparalleled in our industry. This is because we are continually focusing on improving the design, engineering and manufacturing of our products to ensure that they meet your expectations.

We use a special technique for creating the shell of the sauna. The interior paneling uses hidden nails, and a small amount of non-toxic wood glue is applied to each paneling. This ensures the long-term structural integrity of these critical components. Windows are double glazed with a hermetic seal to save energy.


At Northern Lights Sauna, we've gone to extremes to build structural integrity into all of our components. The shell of the sauna is a full three inches thick with 2/3" thick Nordic Pine paneling on both sides. Inside the paneling lies a thick layer of mineral wool insulation. Your surroundings are further protected with an aluminum foil vapor barrier to keep the moisture from escaping through the sauna shell.


Advanced computer-controlled woodworking machines allow exact cutting. Combine that with the personal attention our craftsmen give to every sauna, and the end result is a superbly functioning steam bath. Superior-quality with precise wood joints are achieved using time-proven craftsman's methods such as tongue-and-groove and nail-and-glue joints. More costly, but they provide greater strength. We do not believe that a true sauna can be assembled by robots or machines. Wood itself is a living material that must be shaped according to the growth lines. Only experienced craftsmen can read the pattern in the wood, and work with the wood instead of working against it.

StyleNorthern Lights Saunas

Fresh, innovative styling starts with our talented design engineers and their extensive experience in designing saunas. This experience is supplemented by using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to continually find new and better ways to blend function and form. The result is a line of indoor saunas designed to accommodate real people, offering superior comfort and unforgettable steam bathing without sacrificing style.


Through each of these steps, and by instilling an attitude of "quality" in every step of manufacturing, we can be sure that our products deliver the satisfaction our customers expect. To provide support, our dealers are thoroughly trained on our products, backed by a team of factory representatives who are available to assist us in solving any problems you might have.


Achieving the right atmosphere in a sauna requires the right conditions. Your body is stimulated by light, sound and scent. Using special techniques of lighting, we have created a unique atmosphere in the sauna. By placing a set of LED lights in the ceiling and installing the wall lights under the benches, your sauna becomes a place of visible beauty. Tranquility is enhanced with mind pleasing sounds. The vapor proof speakers can set the right mood with some soft music or nature sounds. Top off the experience using some eucalyptus aroma for a therapeutic steam bath. These features are available in a genuine Northern Lights Sauna.