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Steam and Sauna


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Mr steam

If you thought that you could only make use of a steam room in a fancy resort then you are wrong as the renowned company Steam and Saun have a product available called Mr Steam for you to place in your shower and bathroom to enjoy the full effects of a proper steam room.

Mr Steam was built for top performance and can always be depended on to relax and distress you after a hard day! These units are made from stainless steel so it doesn’t rust, it also has an LCD display that makes it easy to use. You control the temperature and what is more convenient is that it has a temperature memory so you don’t have to keep programming it in. you can even program the time into this handy bathroom product. The steam head is very quiet and distributes the steam and oils evenly during your steam bath. For a better experience and a chance to use aromatherapy you can just add lavender or eucalyptus, these have healing properties for you to benefit from. All the products are available in styles and designs that suit your bathroom décor. This product also has a feature called auto flush that drains the water in the system each time that you use it providing you with fresh clean steam each time you have a steam bath. The water is first cooled for two hours before it is flushed out making this a safe and convenient product. If you wish to drain the system yourself there is a manual drain valve. This product has been fully equipped with safety features that make it very convenient to have in your home. Some of the features are the built in low voltage 24 volt control and the ASME safety valve.

When you purchase Mr Steam from Steam and Saun you have a small luxury product to come home to and pamper yourself whenever you want to so there is no need to go to wellness centers or beauty spas, you have your own version in your home. This company has been in this line of business for over twenty years making them very reliable and knowledgeable. Their products all come with a warranty and can be returned under certain conditions so you can be sure that you are making a purchase of good quality. Steam and Saun also have a very helpful number you can call to help you with any questions you may have regarding the company or one of its products. You can also read customer testimonials on their website where they state how happy they were with the products purchased from Steam and Saun. If you would like to contact them today you can call 1-877-728-6280 which is a toll free number. If you would like to view their fantastic range of household and bathroom products then you can visit Start living a healthier lifestyle today by making a purchase from Steam and Saun!