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Steam and Sauna


 Infrared Saunas Modular Sauna Packages:

Infrared saunas

Having a sauna in your home is pure luxury and when you purchase one of the infrared saunas from Steam and Saun you get the most affordable prices so now anyone can afford to come home to luxury and a way to pamper themselves after a hard day at work.

Firstly you should know that infrared saunas are very safe and don’t cause sun burn or skin damage as it doesn’t use ultra-violet rays at all! These rays of light heat your body directly while other saunas heat you from the head down so it may take a while longer. The heat is at a pleasant temperature and provides fantastic health benefits. Steam and Saun provide a wide range of these types of saunas that are installed quickly and easily by a qualified professional for your immediate use. There are many health benefits from using infrared heat, some of them include relief of muscle and joint pain, removal of toxins, it burns calories, improves skin texture, boosts immune system functions, reduces stress and fatigue and increases blood flow. So the first reason for you to buy an infrared sauna is that you are able to lead a much healthier lifestyle. There are also many differences between conventional saunas and infrared saunas. Firstly it provides better detoxification and is suitable for all ages so the whole family can use this product. This sauna warms up much faster, needs less maintenance and uses much less energy so there is no high electricity bills for you to pay at the end of the month.

The infrared saunas are all made of wood and some even have built in CD players so you can relax and detoxify while listening to your favorite music. Another great benefit is that it is easily broken down if you need to move so you can install it for use in your new home. Infrared heat is very natural and does not heat up the surrounding air making it a more comfortable option. Stress affects us all and it can be very dangerous in the long run but when you take half an hour everyday to sit in your sauna you reduce all the factors that can cause major health problems later in life. Steam and Saun has developed a fantastic website that allows you to browse through their great range of bathroom and household products before making a purchase online from the comfort of your own home using your credit card. All their products come with a warranty to reassure you that all their equipment is of the finest quality. You can also read what their customers have to say about their purchase from Steam and Saun and how happy they have been with the long term benefits. If you need ay help with a product or have a query they have a toll free support line for you to call and get prompt advice or assistance. If you would like to purchase one of the infrared saunas today then visit