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Steam and Sauna

Sauna Heaters & Controls

Not all sauna heaters are created equal. The ultimate in heater design, MrSaunaŽ heaters develop remarkably gentle, penetrating, and moisturizing "soft heat" created by innovative design. A large, deep rock container maximizes contact between the rocks and the industry's largest heating elements for safe, efficient heating. An angled drip pan routes the water and, most important, cool-to-the-touch thermo-flocking and triple-wall construction provide added insulation and safety. The combination of these design features result in a quick, humidity-rich, unwavering heating performance while maintaining safety with a cool exterior.

The Steam & Sauna Connection has priced MrSauna heaters to accommodate varied construction and remodeling budgets. MrSauna heaters are specially designed models that meet the demanding needs of larger facilities such as hotels, clubs, resorts, and spas. There are also models that work well in personal residences.

MrSauna heaters embody a pleasing visual design with high durability for an invigorating sauna experience.

MrSauna Sauna Rooms - Are now Discontinued, try this Sauna

Choose from:

Millennium Stainless Sauna Heaters


When maximum strength, durability, and performance is demanded from a sauna heater. . . 100% stainless steel construction is the answer -- for the ultimate peace of mind. From the smallest fastener to the high-grade stainless steel heating elements and double-wall construction, MrSauna Millennium Heaters are built to last. Available from 10KW up to16KW.


Spa Series Sauna Heaters


For residential applications or smaller commercial sauna rooms . . . with stainless steel heating elements, special thermo-flocking exterior finish, and triple-wall construction for a cool-to-touch surface. Universal mounting brackets allow for flat wall or corner installation. Adjustable 30# or 60# rock capacity. Available up to 7.6KW.



Sauna/One Control

Sauna control

MrSauna controls provide optimal performance, every time.

MrSauna Pre-Cut Sauna Rooms - Are now Discontinued, try this Sauna

Flexible location design permits the Sauna/One -- standard on every Mr. Sauna Spa Series Heater -- to be easily located on any exterior wall:

  • An adjustable 60-minute timer personalizes the sauna duration
  • Thermostatic temperature control . . . enables comfort setting
  • On/Off display light indicates mode of operation
  • Profiled, ergonomic Grip-Trak knobs for easy use