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Steam and Sauna

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Frequently Asked Questions

The aromaSpa®



The aromaSpa ® aromatic Steam Capsule

What kind of material is it?

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    Serene and Health Capsule:

    Size: 43" Diameter
    Height: 66"
    Weight: Top & base-45 lbs. Walls & door-30 lbs.


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How hot does it get ?

    115° F- 120° F with a warm-up time about 10 minutes.

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How much power does it use?

    The aromaSpa steam saunas draw 11 Amps of electricity at 120V. A typical steam session uses about 1 kw-hr of electric energy for a typical electric cost of about 10 cents per session.

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    One chair is included with the Serene and Health Capsule. The chairs are the highest quality folding patio chairs from Italy, made from durable, hi-impact resin.

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Amenities Kit

    Order an aromaSpa ® amenities kit for only $49. It comes complete with 4 essential oil blends, a boar bristle brush, a loofah terry back belt, two different kinds of salt glow, body oil, shower gel and a deep penetrating hair treatment for hours of pampering.

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For a catalog of essential oils and products call 1-877-728-6280.
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How do you install it ?

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Where can you put it ?

    Any indoor location that is within 10 to 12 feet of a standard electrical outlet. Our Serene model only takes 3' x 3' of floor space.
    The water pot in the base is totally self-contained. You can put it on any type of floor because it doesn't leak. The room temperature affects the potential steam temperature. It is designed for a minimum of 60° F room temperature. The condensation on the wall and door runs down the sides and back into the sump in the base of the unit from where it can be emptied following your steam session.

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Installed unit vs. aromaSpa

    Installed steam saunas use the public water system. Many of these systems are chlorinated or have other water quality problems. Just like water, chlorine and other substances can vaporize and be inhaled through the lungs and absorbed through the skin.

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Credit cards

    We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express Just fill out the order form and mail or fax it to us at (954) 941-0152.

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    Medical Insurance policies vary, please check with your insurance company regarding individual coverage. With a doctor's note some policies offer coverage.

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One Year Limited Warranty

    Mail us the faulty part and we will fix it and mail it back to you postage paid. We will always be here to service your aromaSpa ® quickly, efficiently and to your satisfaction. <To read the full warranty, click here.

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    The Health Capsule ship UPS right to your address for only $100 for delivery anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. All are higher in Canada, Alaska, & Hawaii.

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