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Drinking Water Filter

Water is vital for life. It helps keep your muscles and skin toned, assists in weight loss, transports oxygen and nutrients to cells, eliminates toxins and wastes from the body, and regulates body temperature. Drinking refreshing, clean water plays a major role in reducing the risk of certain diseases. Drinking water filters offer the healthiest, best tasting water, all at a fraction of the price of bottled water and so much more convenient!

Filters for drinking water come in the form of many different water systems. These include water pitchers, faucet mounted, undersink and countertop water filters. These home water filters provide safe and healthy drinking water for the whole family and is available on tap every minute of the day. These filters can even improve your indoor air quality by removing chlorine from your water before it vaporizes into the air in your home.

Countertop drinking water filters are mostly used when once requires a temporary installation, such as in an apartment, on vacation, or where under the counter space is not available. Portable water filters are used when camping, hiking or other outdoor activities or when carrying a large quantity of water is difficult. A portable water filter provides a measure of safety when drinking water from natural sources. Filtered water coolers provide hot and cold water that is fresh and clean, with no need for heavy water bottles.

Under the sink drinking water filters, or under the counter water filters, are used where there is space available under the kitchen sink and a permanent installation is desired. They provide filtered water through a special faucet for the ultimate convenience and also may be plumbed in beneath your sink to filter water before it passes through a special faucet. Under sink drinking water filters are more thorough than tap or pitcher filters as they remove or neutralize any chlorine, harmful organic matter, heavy metal pollutants, and other unhealthy chemicals found in normal tapwater. However, this filter does not take up any room on your counter so if your kitchen has a limited amount of counter space, an undersink water filter may be the right choice for you.

Most people today drink insufficient water and experience many resulting problems such as muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue, constipation, kidney stones and urinary-tract infections. Now you can pour a refreshing glass of purified water right at the tap of your own kitchen sink. No more lugging of heavy water bottles home from the convenience store. So for better health for both you and your family, invest in a drinking water filter and drink at least 8 glasses of clean fresh water a day!