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Steam and Sauna
 CT Day Spa
The latest addition to Mr.Steam’s line of commercial steambath products

light commercial day spa


Introducting the Mr.Steam® CT Series Day Spa Steambath systems for day spas, medical spas, hotels, destination resorts, spas and clubs.

The latest addition to Mr.Steam’s line of commercial steambath products, Mr.Steam CT Club Therapy™ Day Spa Steambath Systems provide space-conscious spa facilities with high performance, low maintenance steamroom solutions.

Which club therapy steam system is right for you?

Choose a CU commercial steam system if...

Choose a CT day spa steam system if...

  • Steamroom will be in operation less than 6 hours a day

  • Steamroom is designed to accommodate up to two people at a time

  • Steamroom does not exceed 575 cu. ft.


the complete day spa experience



With the goal of providing space conscious spa facilities with high performance, low maintenance steamroom solutions, Mr.Steam unveils the latest addition to its commercial steamroom line—the Mr.Steam CT Club Therapy™ Day Spa System. The CT Day Spa steam generators are designed for smaller day spas or destination resorts with dedicated steam rooms occupied by no more than two people at one time.

Compactly designed for functionality and durability, Mr.Steam CT Day Spa steam generators combine performance and aesthetics with reliability, and are UL Listed. Constructed of stainless steel inside and out for longevity they are easily installed in most service closets, storage areas, or similar dry, heated locations.



Compactly designed for performance and durability, Mr.Steam CT Day Spa steam generators combine safety and aesthetics with reliability, and may be easily installed in most service closets, storage areas, or similar dry and heated locations. It’s an ideal choice for smaller day spas or resorts that may not have the space or need for a larger, multiple-user steamroom requiring CU commercial steam equipment. The Day Spa steam generators are best used in dedicated steamrooms in operation for no more than six (6) hours daily and occupied by no more than two (2) people at one time.



day spa steam generators:

  • Stainless steel inside and out for longevity and durability

  • Come standard with Mr.Steam’s AromaSteam™ steamhead, AutoFlush® system and eTEMPO/Plus® and eTEMPO/Start® controls... to maximize the steambathing experience and minimize the use of energy and water

  • All models are UL/cUL listed

  • Backed by Mr.Steam’s limited warranty, copy available prior to purchasing

Each system is standard and complete with:

eTEMPO/Plus® control

  • Provides control of the steamroom by owner/operator from outside the steamroom.

  • Programmable temperature and time settings allow the owner/operator to customize and enhance the steambathing experience for each bather

  • Standard with digital display and ergonomic soft-touch keypad with Chroma, Aroma & programmable memory settings

  • Quick-responding temperature sensor maintains temperature within the steamroom

  • Solid brass cover for durable finish & quality

eTEMPO/Start® control

Located within the steamroom, allowing steambather to adjust the steam environment from inside the steamroom to match their preference

AromaSteam™ steamhead

  • Designed to maintain cooler surface temperatures, with improved steam flow and quieter infusion of aromatic oil into the steam for an enhanced steamroom experience

  • Solid brass for superior performance and finish

AutoFlush® System

  • Automatically and electronically drains generator after use and refills tank with fresh water for “Clean Steam...Every time®”

  • Improves performance and lengthens system life

  • Efficiently removes accumulated sediment

  • Simple plug-and-play connection

  • Full 1” port design

MSTS In-Room Temperature Sensor
This is a “in-shower room temperature sensor used whenever the eTempo or eTempo/Plus controls are installed outside the steam/shower enclosure.

the mr.steam® CT day spa package

For all CT Day Spa Steambath Generators, the Day Spa package makes choosing the components of your spa’s steambath as easy as 1-2-3 by including our AromaSteam™ System, ChromaSteam™ Lighting System, and Musictherapy™ In-Room Speakers. 







AromaSteam™ essential oil delivery system

  • Automatic oil delivery system evenly infuses aromatic scents into steam, for seamless integration of aromatherapy into the Aroma steamhead

  • Activated by eTEMPO/Plus® with “Steam-On” interlock feature

  • Includes oil container caddy, hoses, fittings and oil atomizer

  • UL listed

Mr.Steam Aromas

  • A unique collection of available natural fragrances that introduce aromatherapy to enrich the steambathing experience.

  • Each aromatic oil offers a distinctive fragrance with characteristic benefits:

    • eucalyptus
      A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects, eucalyptus may help open air passageways

    • lavender
      A sweet, lightly floral scent, lavender may help soothe anxiety with its calming and restorative properties

    • breathe
      A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose and sinuses

    • evergreen
      A refreshing blend of spruce, fir and pine reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning

    • energizing mint
      A blend of mint, citrus and herbs that may stimulate and energize

  • AromaSteam System oils are available in long-lasting one-liter (33oz.) containers.

ChromaSteam™ mood lighting system

  • Suffuses steam with color, from airy blue to sensual red

  • Color selection with chromalogic for single or rotating color

  • Engineered with vapor-sealed, low energy, low voltage high performance LED light modules

  • UL listed

Musictherapy™ in-room speakers

  • Create an experience that fully engages all of the senses

  • 70 watts peak power two-way speakers

  • Flush mount design with powder-coated grills

  • Moisture resistant, matched pair

  • Crystal clear full-range sound with powerful bass

  • Ready for music from virtually any source

day spa pricing

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