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Commercial saunaSteam and Sauna

Commercial Sauna

 Pre-Built Commercial Saunas & Modular Commercial Sauna Packages:

Precut | Prebuilt Modular | Infrared | Portable

Commercial Sauna

The history of the sauna goes back a thousand years, at least. When the sauna was first invented, it was usually used for private use within the boundaries of peoples’ homes. Since those days, the sauna has evolved into more than that. Nowadays a commercial sauna is used not only for health reasons, but also for pure pleasure and relaxation.

Both home saunas and commercial saunas can be used to enhance your health, without any effort. A mere few minutes spent inside a sauna room is known to clear your pores by allowing them to expel waste matter… naturally! Follow the sauna treatment with a swim in a nice cool pool, or a cold shower, and you’ll find that you suddenly have almost boundless amounts of energy! What better way is there to keep healthy and enjoy clear, smooth skin?

The Steam and Sauna Connection, located in Pompano Beach in Florida, has been in the steam and sauna business for over 15 years. If you are looking for a commercial sauna, then they are the best company to contact. The company is also the one of the 10 largest volume Mr Steam Dealer in the entire of the United States. The service here is reliable and fast, and you are sure to walk away a happy customer.

The Steam and Sauna Connection does not only deal in commercial saunas, but keep in mind that this is not a sideline for them! The company owns a warehouse of over 10,000 square feet! The sales department will be able to assist you in all your technical questions. Free literature is also provided to customers, and you are able to find details on exactly how to install your new sauna on the company’s web site.

When buying your commercial sauna through The Steam and Sauna Connection, you are guaranteed to receive your sauna on the same day that you purchase it! The company’s sales team will be able to advise you which sauna is the best suited for your personal needs. Added to this, the friendly and efficient service that you will receive from them will continue after your purchase has been made. You are also guaranteed a high-quality product, as the company does not stock low-quality merchandise.

When you buy a commercial sauna through The Steam and Sauna Connection, you are able to pay with your credit card, as the company accepts most major credit cards. Payments made via Paypal are also accepted. Yet another reason to buy your sauna from this company is that, if you happen to find the same product for a lower price, then they will match or beat the lower price!

If you are interested in learning more about the range of commercial saunas that are supplied by The Steam and Sauna Connection, then please do not hesitate to contact the company’s sales department on If it is easier for you to send them a fax, then you may do so on fax number 1 (954) 941-0152. The company can also be contacted via the mobile hotline on 1(561) 573-0400 or the toll free number on 1-877-728-6280. Alternatively, visit for further information.

Commercial Sauna

Commercial Saunas , Pre-Built Commercial Saunas, Modular Commercial Sauna

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