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Totl Bidet

Bidet Seats by Toto

Toto Chloe Bidet Seat Toto Jasmin Bidet Seat
Chloe Washlet From TOTO
Jasmin Washlet - Luxury from Toto
  • Gentle Aerated Warm Water

  • Self Cleaning Dual Action Spray

  • Soft Close Seat

  • Heated Seat with Temperature Control

  • Easy to Install and Clean

  • Gentle Aerated Warm Water
    - Front and Rear Washing
    - Massage Feature w/Cycling Motion
    - Pulsating Water Feature
    - 5-Postion Nozzle for Maximum Comfort

  • Adjustable Water Temp and Volume

  • Warm Air Drying w/Variable Temp Settings

  • Improved Automatic Air Deodorizer

  • Heated Seat with Temperature Controls

  • Soft Close Anti-bacterial Seat

  • Convenient Wireless Remote Control w/Large LCD Panel

  • Improved Energy Saver Feature

  • Docking Station and Quick Connect Hose Make Cleaning and Installation Easy

Because life revolves around convenience and ease, we have created Chloe.  At TOTO, the world leader in bathroom fixtures, we believe your toilet seat should do more.  It should provide luxuries that improve your comfort and style.

Chloe offers the ultimate in personal hygiene for both men and women by featuring dual action warm water cleansing.  Activated by a simple touch, the hidden wand extends to provide a gentle aerated stream of warm water for a cleansing that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Engineered with TOTO's SoftClose Seat to eliminate annoying "toilet seat slam" Engineered with TOTO's SoftClose Seat to eliminate annoying "toilet seat slam"
Gentle warm water cleansing and Convenient activation panel
  • Massage feature with cycling motion

  • Wireless remote control with stylish pearl white finish


Model No. Toto-Chloe Toto-Jasmin
Power Rating AC120v, 60Hz, 570W AC120v, 60Hz, 1277W
Power Cord Length 3.28ft (1.2M)
Warm Water Tank 0.272 Gal.
Water Temperature

86F (30C) - 104F(40C)

Safety Devices Thermal fuse/overheat breaker (automatic reset type) Temperature fuse, temperature overheating prevention device, overheating prevention float button, flow-up-stream prevention; vacuum breaker, non-return valve
Adjustable Water Flow Front washing: from 0.132 gal/min to 0.264 gal/min
Back washing: from 0.106 gal/min to 0.291 gal/min
Front washing: from 0.08 gal/min to 0.11 gal/min
Rear washing: from 0.07 gal/min to 0.11 gal/min
DRYING FEATURE Air Temp: n/a High: About 140F/60C
Medium: About 122F/40C
Low: About 104F/40C
Capacity of Air n/a 10.59 ft/min
Safety Devices n/a Temperature Fuse

Adjustable; 86F(30C) - 104F(40C)

Power Consumption 50W
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse Temperature Fuse
Water Supply Pressure 20 psi - 80 psi
Deodorizing Feature n/a Method: O Deodorizer
Dimensions Elongated 20-15/16"W x 20-3/4"D x 11"H 15-3/4"W x 20-15/16"D x 4-15/16"H
Round 20-15/16"W x 19-9/16"D x 11"H 15-3/4"W x 19-3/4"D x 4-15/16"H
Weight 11.9 lbs. 11 lbs.


Bidet Seat Pricing:

Toto Chloe Seat
Toto-Chloe Toto-Jasmin
Quantity Model Description Price
TOTO-SW823-01 Chloe Regular Bidet Seat (Cotton) $ 629.00
TOTO-SW824-01 Chloe Elongated Bidet Seat (Cotton) $ 629.00
TOTO-SW823-11 Chloe Regular Bidet Seat (CL. White) $ 629.00
TOTO-SW824-11 Chloe Elongated Bidet Seat (CL. White) $ 629.00
TOTO-SW823-12 Chloe Regular Bidet Seat (Beige) $ 723.65
TOTO-SW824-12 Chloe Elongated Bidet Seat (Beige) $ 723.65
TOTO-SW833-01 Jasmin Regular Bidet Seat (Cotton) $ 1080.00
TOTO-SW834-01 Jasmin Elongated Bidet Seat (Cotton) $ 1080.00
TOTO-SW833-11 Jasmin Regular Bidet Seat (CL. White) $ 1080.00
TOTO-SW834-11 Jasmin Elongated Bidet Seat (CL. White) $ 1080.00
TOTO-SW833-12 Jasmin Regular Bidet Seat (Beige) $ 1242.00
TOTO-SW834-12 Jasmin Elongated Bidet Seat (Beige) $ 1242.00
TOTO-HW300-Pink Hand Held Portable $ 115.12
TOTO-HE300-Blue Hand Held Portable $ 115.12