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Luscence Bidet

Bidet Seats by Luscence / Inax



Cleansing with comfort:

The luscence luxury lavage is not only designed for superior cleansing, but more comfortable cleansing as well.  The toilet seat is always warmed and the temperature is adjustable.  The a push of SHOWER or BIDET button, a nozzle appears for cleansing.  Hot water sprays to cleanse.  Both spray strength and water temperature are adjustable.  With a push of STOP button, water stops spraying and the nozzle retracts.  A push of DRY button activates the dryer which produces a warmed air.  The air temperature is adjustable.  For your safety, all heated elements - water spray, seat heater and dryer air -- are continuously monitored by precision temperature sensors.

Dual Nozzles cleanse completely:

The Luscence features two nozzles: one for feminine cleansing, one for posterior cleansing.  To further enhance sanitary operation, both nozzles retrace when not in use.  The self-cleaning function automatically cleans each nozzle after each use.  Self-cleaning can also be done anytime with the simple press of a button.

Remote Controlled Convenience:

The Luscence has a clean sensuously contoured appearance, uncluttered by seat-mounted controls.  Instead, all operating functions are controlled from a wireless remote panel that is easily mounted to the wall.  From the remote unit, you can activate and stop all functions.  A separate button activates the nozzle self-cleaning function, and an indicator lamp displays water and seat temperatures.



(Regular Type)
(Elongated Type)
Water Supply Method Direct connection to tap water
Tap Water Pressure Range 8.5 - 106.7 psi (0.06 - 0.74 Mps, 0.6 - 7.5 kgf/cm˛)
Maximum Rating AC120v, 60Hz, 311W
Dimensions 15.4"W x 18.5"D x 7.6"H
(390.0mm x 469.5mm x 192mm)
15.4"W x 20.9"D x 7.6"H
(390.0mm x 531mm x 192mm)
Weight 11.3 lbs. (5 kg)
Warm Water Tank Capacity 0.95 qt. (0.9 L)
Water Flow

0 - 1.1 qt./min

Warm Water Heater Capacity

250 W

Water Temperature

OFF: tap water temp.; LOW: approx. 93°F (34°C); MID: approx: 97°F (36°C); HIGH: approx. 100°F (38°C)

Safety Devices Thermo fuse, high-temperature sensor switch, float switch to prevent empty tank operation, overturn sensor switch
Dryer Air Volume 35.31 ft/min. (0.3 m/min)
Warm Air Heater Capacity 0, 150, 300 W
Warm Air Temp. Adj. LOW (room temperature), MEDIUM, HIGH
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse
Heater Capacity 42W 45W
Surface Temperature OFF; room temp.; LOW: approx. 87°F (30.5°C); MID: approx 93°F (34°C); HIGH: approx. 99°F (37°C)
Temperature Adjustments Four steps selectable (microcomputer controlled)
Safety Device Thermal fuse
Power Cord Length 3.9ft (1.2M)
Other Functions:
  • Occupied seat sensor

  • Power button

  • Toilet seat and toilet seat lid slow-down

  • Nozzle auto cleaning

  • Nozzle self-cleaning button

  • Toilet seat heater auto shut-off


Luscence Bidet Seat:

Remote Control Included

Quantity Model Description Price
Luscence-CW-W130 Regular Bidet Seat (White) $ 1080.00
Luscence-CW-W131 Elongated Bidet Seat (White) $ 1080.00