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Steam and Sauna


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Bath Shower Steam

‘To achieve a maximum wellbeing in the privacy of your home’ Mr Steam brings you a bathroom shower steam that will rejuvenate your entire being. The bath shower steams also include adjustable massage jets, foot massagers, seats, and fog-resistant mirrors, hands-free telephone hook-ups through an integrated speaker/microphone system, radio, colored glass, and more.

The bath shower steam is best way to start a day. You don’t have to miss news in the mornings because you’re bathing or taking a shower because this bath shower has a built in digitally controlled radio that lets you listen to news or your favourite music. It is computerised and luxurised to meet all your needs n an instant. The temperature is controllable, ventilation fan, a timer shelves and racks to store your bathing products are built in.

The bath shower steams are available in various designs which are all top class and luxurious. Some of them can fit up to three adults. Whether you want a rejuvenating way to start your day or to unwind, the bath shower steam is more than capable of doing that for you. This unbelievable bath shower also allows you to stet your desired environment or mood with its adjustable lighting.

The bath shower steam will transform your home into a haven. You can review the various bath shower steam designs on to pick up your favourite. You can call now to have your heavenly bath shower delivered to your home for free. The price is affordable and the benefits amazing