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Steam and Sauna


 Aroma Steam Araoma Spa

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Aroma Steam / Aroma Spa

Variel Health International introduces the Aroma Spa aromatic steam bath capsule that rejuvenates your body and soul in minutes, leaving your body pain-free, stress-free and your skin glowing with beauty. The Aroma Spa steam bath capsule cleanses your skin, hydrates it, rids your skin of all impurities, and increases blood circulation which leaves your skin ‘right and bright’.

The Aroma Spa covers all your needs – detoxification, relaxation, stress relief and many others that you’ll discover once you start using it. Steam detoxification is one of the best ways to have your skin deep clean, open pores and waste products perspire through the open pores. The warm steam Aromatherapy is built to give you peace of mind while leaving your body feeling relaxed and new, you can enjoy the wonders of steam in the comfort of your own home. The steam bath is portable hence designed only to make you and your muscles relax and it allows you to experience heavenly spa treatments whenever you wish at unimaginable affordable prices.

The Aroma Spa is one person sized portable and flexible, all units are self-contained and it plugs into a standard household supply. You can disassemble it in minutes with your own hands because it has no strings attached, requires no professional installation and is easy to store. The mew and improved Aroma Spa erased all the mistakes of the previous models. It now fits in a suit-case sized package and is very easy to use.

A glowing skin, renewed body, relaxed muscles are guaranteed benefits of the Aroma Spa and not promises. You can either call or use internet to have this heaven delivered to your house.