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Amerec Steam and Sauna Rooms

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Amerec Sauna Rooms
Sauna Rooms

There's no question our Finnish and Roman ancestors were on to something when they began the traditions of sauna rooms and steam baths.  The Finns used saunas and sauna rooms primarily to rejuvenate the body after hours of manual labor.  For the Romans, the steam bath was an opportunity to socialize with friends.

For many, the days of hard physical labor are log gone and it's tough to find time for a social life.  Today, we're looking for healthy escapes from all the stress in our lives.  Many careers and lifestyles are products of a fast-paced, technological world.  Sure, our jobs aren't physically demanding but we really have to stay on our toes mentally.  We're always looking for something to give us that edge.  Sometimes a little personal pampering nudges us a little closer to our goals.

A sauna room or steambath may be just what we need.  Steam baths are a wonder "shower enhancement", converting your tub/shower space into a luxurious private retreat.  A sauna room is a dry heat bath taken in a well-insulated room lined with untreated kiln-dried soft wood and heated with igneous rocks.  When water is sprinkled on the heated rocks, it creates a pleasant steam which further enhances the sauna experience.

To invest in your sauna room, either select the entire room you want, or  select the model of the heater unit for your application, then the type of control and thermostat.