1 Certified Far Infrared Energy: The Relax Far Infrared Energy is certified.  We provide you only the purified Healing Power!!


2. Effective Energy: Japanese research shows at least 700W of power could improve the blood circulation. Relax Sauna provide, 1000W FIR energy and effectively improve circulation and enhance Body Fat Reduction.   In just 25 min, you are guarantied to lose at least 1% of body fat.

3. Detoxification: Saunas pull out heavy metal, fat cells, and body toxic from the body. You will be able to use it right the way whenever you feel to detoxify.


-The F.I.R. system is 100% safe & effective, by using only 20 minutes daily for a few weeks, the F.I.R. system performs miracles, which seemed hopeless.


Feb 18

Feb 22

 March 10

March 18

March 31

Complete healing of the wound. Only 20 minutes per day for a few weeks!!! 

See the wound that could not heal for a year !   Wound Care pro did it in only 5 weeks

The white area around the wound is covered with newborn cells, not pus!

4. The head-out design help the user breath better:  stay inside longer and absorb more F.I.R. Energy.  Not recycling the toxic air into your body again.  

5.Convenience: A great way to combine health products into regular life schedule. People can use the sauna while they watch TV, reading book, or else.

It is not what you do sometimes; it is what you do most time make the difference in your life!!

Relax Sauna is easy set up, portable, carry it with you everywhere. No preheat time!  Result is visible!!



'Getting your body Chemically Unloaded and Nutrient Primed, makes Your Body Heal Itself.

The Effect of High Temperatures on The Body

How Hot? How Much Sweat? We All React Differently to Infrared Heat

Whether it's how hot we feel, or how much we sweat, Everyone has different heat absorption and 
sweating levels:

The more a body undergoes heat, the better it gets at adjusting to the heat. This is "acclimatization." If you are not used to heat exposure, your body may take a week or two to adjust, in order to experience heavy sweating.
Fitter people sweat sooner and sweat more.
Mens sweat glands are more active than womens. 
Parts of the body differ: feet have the most sweat glands, the back has the least.


Humidity. When it is high, sweat stays in beads on the skin; in low humidity it evaporates before you see it.
Temperature. The air in a cool or cold room draws heat away from the sauna.
Altitude. Customers have told us that at higher altitudes there is a significant difference in the time it takes to reach optimum heat / sweating conditions. At high altitudes, humidity is often dramatically lowered. So customers living at high levels have told us that the warming-up period may be significantly longer until satisfying "hot sweating" conditions are met. 
The normal core body temperature is 36C-38C. Excess heat comes from exercise or from a hot environment. The body has two ways to get rid of excess heat:
 The heart rate steps up to move blood - and heat - from internal organs to the skin.
 Sweating occurs so that sweat can evaporate and cool the body.
To promote sweating, a sauna is really inducing a measured amount of heat stress in the body. Actually, it is at the lower settings on the infrared sauna that the heating levels are enough to make most people start sweating. But we all respond differently to Infrared Heat.
1. 30~35C for a soothing and relaxing mood, evoking a sense of well-being
2. 35~40C for an increased soothing effect - also good for muscle relaxation
3. 40~50C as an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. for rheumatoid arthritis
4. 50~60C maxium recommended temperature range; induces heavy sweating