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Steam and Sauna

50 Years of Sussman Lifestyle Group and over 15 years of The Steam and Sauna Connection!

Since 1947, The Sussman Lifestyle Group® products have been the first choice of informed architects, builders, remodelers, and consumers -- providing state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the lives of people the world over.

  • Sussman is the only American company that proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures UL/CSA/CE Residential Steambath Generators, UL/CSA/ASME Commercial Steambath Generators, UL/CSA Sauna Heaters and UL Towel Warmers -- technologically advanced, innovative products that consistently set the industry standard.
  • As residential and commercial needs change, Sussman's Research and Development department constantly updates, improves, and develops new concepts for both existing and new products.
  • Our Total Quality Management system of checks and balances assures each customer of a well-designed, well-manufactured, and durable product.
  • We, at The Steam and Sauna Connection, place strong emphasis on assuring the highest quality of service to our clients. Our Customer Service Hotline at 1-877-SAUNA80 (1-877-728-6280) provides immediate answers to virtually any question or issue which may occur.
  • We've refined the accuracy and reliability of the manufacturing process...assuring production quality previously unattainable in manufacturing steambath generators, sauna heaters, and towel warmers.